Prayers That Grant Kingdom Assess” January 18th-21st-2018, REIF Annual Conference in Montgomery Alabama

On behalf of RiversEdge International Fellowship and Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, we welcome you to attend this year’s conference, “ Prayers That Grant Kingdom Assess”. Our prayer is that there will be impartation from the Holy Spirit that sends us out with fresh revelation of the Kingdom of God to change cities, states and nations. Wherever your boundary or place of influence, the enemy knows your voice and he is already defeated. By our connections through relationship during this conference, we align ourselves with God’s authority and power and become His governmental voice in all parts of this earth.

Please feel free to contact me concerning this REIF Conference for more information or questions you may have concerning RiversEdge International Fellowship. You can call 1-334-272-5533 or text to for more information and we will assist as soon as we can. for Registration