RiversEdge  International Fellowship


RiversEdge International Fellowship is an apostolic fellowship of leaders in ministry and the marketplace who are dedicated to affirming the gifts God has given its members. We affirm our members, validate the gifts and callings before men, and practice accountability without manipulation. REIF provides a covering and fellowship for those called to and serving in the capacity of one of the five-fold ministries, as outlined in Ephesians 4.11, whether in the local church or marketplace ministry. 


How it started:

In 2008, God began to stir Dr Mitchell to begin a ministers’ fellowship for the five-fold ministry; a covering ministry. In the later part of 2008, God gave Dr Mitchell a dream. In the dream, a close friend, Jack Webb, was telling Dr Mitchell something, but he would not listen. Later when awake, Dr Mitchell called his friend and asked if there was something he wanted to tell Dr Mitchell. He replied yes. He said, “For a long time I have been trying to tell you to start an international fellowship of ministers, but you have not listened.” Dr Mitchell replied, “I am listening now.” In 2009, RiversEdge International Fellowship was formed.

What REIF provides:

  •      Affirmation
  •      Validation
  •      Accountability



Paul encouraged us in his letter to the Galatians [2v9]. The leaders, the pillars of the Church, gave right hands of fellowship to other ministers. Fellowship, pure fellowship, is needed by those in ministry.


Recognition and confirmation of the gifts and callings. People going to the pillars of the church for validation.


Safe, non-judgmental leadership who provide encouragement, coaching, counseling, and accountability without manipulation or controlling.

Criteria I:

What can REIF do for you?

  •   Apostolic sending base, mission trips, conferences
  •   Church planting, licensing, and ordination
  •   Local church resources
  •   Leadership development
  •   Continuing education
  •   Degreed programs (future)
  •   Communication, friendship, relationship


REIF leadership have hundreds of years of combined experience in tried and proven leadership, building the kingdom of God, and in kingdom governmental foundation.

Criteria II:

What you can do to be a part:

  •   Form relationships: invest the time, effort, and finances
    •   Make the time and follow up with other ministers. Have coffee, have lunch, make the trips
  •   Financial giving to REIF
    •   Financial giving to REIF goes to support the collective outreaches of REIF, growing churches, encouraging        ministers, and regional conferences.
    •   Recommended giving:
      •   Intenerate ministries: $50/month
      •   Local churches: $100/month